A la douçour de la bele seson
Gace Brulé
(c. 1160 - a. 1213)
Ala douçour de la bele seson,
que toute riensse resplenten verdor,
que sont biau pré et vergier et buisson
et li oisel chantent deseur la flor,
lors sui joianz quant tuit lessent amor,
qu'ami loial n'i voi mes se moi non.
Seus vueil amer et seus vueil cest honor.
 Mult m'ont grevé li tricheor felon,
mes il ont droit, c'onques ne·s amai jor.
Leur deviner et leur fausse acheson
fist ja cuidier que je fusse des lor;
joie en perdi, si en crut ma dolor,
car ne m'i soi garder de traïson;
oncore en dout felon et menteor.
Entor tel gent ne me sai maintenir
qui tout honor lessent a leur pouoir;
tant com je m'aim, les me couvient haïr
ou je faudrai a ma grant joie avoir.
C'est granz ennuis que d'aus amentevoir,
mes tant les hé que ne m'en puis tenir;
ja leur mestier ne leront decheoir.
 Or me dont Deus ma dame si servir
q'il aient duel de ma joie veoir.
Bien me devroit vers li grant lieu tenir
ma loiauté, qui ne puet remanoir;
mes je ne puis oncore apercevoir
qu'ele des biens me vuelle nus merir
dont j'ai sousfert les maus en bon espoir.
Le quens Jofroiz, qui me doit consoillier,
dist qu'il n'est pas amis entierement
qui nule foiz pense a amour laissier.
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In the sweetness of the new season
when everything turns resplendently green,
when meadows and orchards and thickets are beautiful
and the birds sing among the flowers,
then I rejoice, for everyone else abandons love,
so that no more do I see any loyal lover but myself.
I alone wish to love and I alone wish to have that honour.
 Treacherous villains have hurt me much,
but they have the right, for I have never loved them.
Their gossip and their false accusation
once caused me to be thought one of them;
and so I lost my joy and my pain grew,
for I did not know how to protect myself from betrayal;
even now I fear villains and liars.
I cannot remain among such people
who do their best to forsake all honour;
as long as I respect myself, I am bound to hate them
or else I shall fail to have my great joy.
It pains me to remember them,
but so much do I hate them that I cannot help it;
they will never give up their ways.
 May God grant me now to serve my lady so well
that they will suffer to see my joy.
My loyalty, which cannot come to an end,
should make her look upon me with favour.
But I still cannot perceive
that she is willing to reward me with any of the favours
for which I have suffered such pains in good hope.
Count Geoffrey, who must advise me,
says that no main is fully a lover
who at any time thinks of abandoning love.
Si ritiene che il Jofroiz della chanson sia Geoffry of Brittany, fratello di Re Riccardo Cuor di Leone.

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