Mîn herze, ir schoene und diu minne
(Heinrich von Morungen)
Mîn herze, ir schœne und diu minne habent gesworn
zuo ein ander, des ich wæne, ûf mîner vröuden tôt.
zwiu habent diu driu mich eìnen dar zuo erkorn?
ôwê, Minne, gebent ein teil der lieben mîner nôt,
Teilent si ir sô mite, daz sî gedanke ouch machen rôt.
wünsche ich ir senens nû? Daz wære bezzer verborn.
Lîhte ist ez ir zorn,
sît ir wort mir deheinen kumber gebôt.
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by the composer H.W. Gade © 1989
My Heart, her Beauty and Love

My heart, her beauty and love has conspired,
With each other, so it seems to me,
In order to kill my joy.
Why have the three of them chosen me who is alone.
Alas, love, give my darling a part of my distress,
Let her take part so nicely that the thoughts make her blush too
Do I wish her longing now? It would be better without
Perhaps she is angry,
As her words did not bid me to feel this agony.

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Il brano in background è Mîn herze, ir schoene und diu minne
di Heinrich von Morungen (1155-1222), seq. by H.W. Gade 1989/90/91
(with special permission from author for my web).
L'immagine che introduce il brano musicale nelle pagine di Heinrich von Morungen
è la cover del cd-rom edito dalla Nordisc e reperibile presso di essa.


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© H.W. Gade 1989/91 all rights reserved for:
midi music and english translations
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The original gif of initcap is a revival design
made by Adam Stein and based on Gothic characters,
used by the Cheswick Press in England mid 19th Century.

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