In sô hôher swebender wunne
(Heinrich von Morungen)
In sô hôher swebender wunne
sô gestuont min herze ane vröidem nie.
ich var, als ich vliegen kunne,
mit gedanken iemer umbe sie,
Sît daz mich ir trôst enpfie,
der mir durch die sêle mîn
mitten in daz herze gie.
 Swaz ich wunneclicirc;ches schouwe,
daz spile gegen der wunne die ich hân.
luft und erde, walt und ouwe
suln die zît der vröide mīn enphân.
Mir ist komen ein hügender wân
und ein wunneclîcher trôst.
des mîn muot sol hôhe stân.
Wol dem wunneclîchen mære,
daz sô suoze durch mîn ôre erklanc,
und der sanfte tuonder swære,
diu mit vröiden in mîn herze sanc.
Dâ von mir ein wunne entspranc,
diu vor liebe alsam ein tou
mir ûz von den ougen dranc.
 Sælic sî diu süeze stunde,
saelic sî diu zît, der werde tac,
dô daz wort gie von ir munde,
daz dem herzen mîn sô nâhen lac,
Daz mîn lîp von vröide erschrac,
und enweiz von liebe joch,
waz ich von ir sprechen mac.
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map flag English parallel translation
by the composer H.W. Gade © 1989
In such high soaring Joy

I.In such high soaring joy
So packed with delight was never my heart,
I circle as if I were flying
In thoughts always of her,
Since I received her comforting words,
That through the soul of mine,
Went to the middle of my heart.
II.What I joyfully see,
Mirrors the joy in me,
Air and earth, woods and meadows,
Shall embrace the time of my delight.
To me has come a lucky hope,
And a joyful comfort,
Thereby my spirit shall rise high.
III.Hail the joyful news,
That range so sweet through my ear,
And the gentle doing pain,
That sank with delight in my heart,
From there a joy sprang for me,
Which from love just like dew,
Oozed from my eyes.
IV.Blessed be the sweet hour,
Blessed be the time, the worthy day,
When the word came from her mouth,
That lay so close to my heart.
That my being was shattered with delight,
And I do not know due to love,
What I may speak of her.

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Il brano in background è In sô hôher swebender wunne
di Heinrich von Morungen (1155-1222), seq. by H.W. Gade © 1989/90/91
(with special permission from author for my web).
L'immagine che introduce il brano musicale nelle pagine di Heinrich von Morungen
è la cover del cd-rom edito dalla Nordisc e reperibile presso di essa.


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