Owê, sol aber mir iemer mê
(Heinrich von Morungen)
sol aber mir iemer mê
geliuhten dur die naht
noch wizer danne ein snê
ir lîp vil wol geslaht?
Der truoc diu ougen mîn.
Ich wânde, ez solde sîn
des liehten mânen schîn.
Dô tagte ez.»
sol aber mir iemer mê
den morgen hie betagen?
Als uns diu naht engê,
daz wir niht durfen klagen:
“Owê, nu ist ez tag!”.
als er mit klage pflac
dô er jungest bî mir lac.
Dô tagte ez.»
si kuste âne zal
in dem slâfe mich.
Dô vielen hin ze tal
ir trehene nider sich.
Iedoch getrôste ich sie,
daz sî ir weinen lie
und mich al umbevie.
Dô tagte ez.»
daz er sô dicke sich
bî mir ersehen hât!
Als er endahte mich,
sô wolt er sunder wât
min arme schouwen blôz.
Ez was ein wunder grôz,
daz in des nie verdrôz.
Dô tagte ez.»
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map flag English parallel translation
by the composer H.W. Gade © 1989
Alas, will I ever again

I. (he)Alas -
Will I ever again,
See shine through the night,
Whiter even than the snow,
Her body so well created,
It deceived the eyes of mine,
I thought it had to be
The shining moonlight.
Then the day was dawning.
II. (she)Alas -
Will he ever again,
Stay here 'till the morning?
Then maybe as the night goes by,
We do not have to mourn,
Alas, now the day has come
As he mournfully cried,
When he lay by my side for the last time,
Then the day was dawning.
III. (he)Alas -
She kissed me countless times
In her sleep,
And all the while so many
Tears of hers were falling.
But I comforted her,
To stop her weeping,
And she embraced me in full,
Then the day was dawning.
IV. (she)Alas -
That he so often,
Lost himself looking at me,
As he uncovered me,
He wanted to see without clothes,
My naked arms,
It was a great wonder,
That he never tired doing that
Then the day was dawning.

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Il brano in background è Owê, sol aber mir iemer mê
di Heinrich von Morungen (1155-1222), seq. by H.W. Gade 1989/90/91
(with special permission from author for my web).
L'immagine che introduce il brano musicale nelle pagine di Heinrich von Morungen
è la cover del cd-rom edito dalla Nordisc e reperibile presso di essa.


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