Ich hôrte ûf der heide
(Heinrich von Morungen)
Ich hôrte ûf der heide
lûte stimme und süezen sanc.
Dâ von wart ich beide
fröiden rîch und an trûren kranc.
Nâch der mîn gedanc sêre ranc unde swanc,
die vant ich ze tanze, dâ si sanc.
Âne leide ich dô spranc.
 Ich vant sî verbogen
eine und ie wengel von trehen naz,
dâ si an dem morgen
mînes tôdes sich vermaz.
Der vil lieben haz tuot mir baz danne daz,
dô ich ir kniewete, dâ si saz
und ir sorgen vergaz.
Ich vant si an der zinne
eine, und ich was zuo zir gesant.
Dâ mehte ichs ir minne
wol mit vuoge hân gepfant.
Dô wânde ich diu lant hân verbrant sâ zehant,
wan daz mich ir süezen minne bant
an den sinnen hât erblant.
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map flag English parallel translation
by the composer H.W. Gade © 1989
I heard in the Meadows

I.I heard in the meadows,
Light voices and sweet singing,
Thereby I became both,
Rich in joy and weak in grief.
And she who my thoughts embraced in circles.
I found her dancing where she sang,
Without pain I then jumped in the dance.
II.I found her in hiding,
Alone and her cheeks were wet with tears,
When she in the morning,
Threatened me with my death.
But the hatred of the much beloved one
Was dearer to me than ever,
When I knelt to her where she sat,
And she forgot all her worries.
III.I found her in the roof chamber,
Alone, and I was sent to her,
There I had the power to win
A token of her love in a just way,
Then I thought I could surround the lands with flames,
If not for the ties of her sweet love,
Blinding my senses.

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Il brano in background è Ich hôrte ûf der heide
di Heinrich von Morungen (1155-1222), seq. by H.W. Gade 1989/90/91
(with special permission from author for my web).
L'immagine che introduce il brano musicale nelle pagine di Heinrich von Morungen
è la cover del cd-rom edito dalla Nordisc e reperibile presso di essa.


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© H.W. Gade 1989/91 all rights reserved for:
midi music and english translations
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The original gif of initcap is a revival design
made by Adam Stein and based on Gothic characters,
used by the Cheswick Press in England mid 19th Century.

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