Frouwe, wilt du mich genern
(Heinrich von Morungen)
FFrouwe, wilt du mich genern
sô sihe mich ein vil lützel an.
Ich enmac mich langer niht erwern,
den lîp muoz ich verlorn hân.
Ich bin siech, min herze ist wunt.
Frouwe, daz hânt mir getân
mîn ougen und dîn rôter munt.
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map flag English parallel translation
by the composer H.W. Gade © 1989
Lady, if you want to save me

Lady, if you want to save me,
Then take a short glance at me,
I can no longer defend myself.
And my life seems lost to me.
I am sick, my heart is wounded,
Lady, that has been done to me,
By my eyes and your red mouth.

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Il brano in background è Frouwe, wilt du mich genern
di Heinrich von Morungen (1155-1222), seq. by H.W. Gade 1989/90/91
(with special permission from author for my web).
L'immagine che introduce il brano musicale nelle pagine di Heinrich von Morungen
è la cover del cd-rom edito dalla Nordisc e reperibile presso di essa.


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© H.W. Gade 1989/91 all rights reserved for:
midi music and english translations
The gothiquesque set is made by Moyra,
The original gif of initcap is a revival design
made by Adam Stein and based on Gothic characters,
used by the Cheswick Press in England mid 19th Century.

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