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Prefacton of 1996...
My new web site includes my other two web pages dedicated to my prose and to medieval poetry, pictures by Boris Vallejo and other great artists, and several midi and text files; Areacom has allowed me to create such a large web site, so I would like to dedicate it to Areacom and its users.
I have written several tales in the past years and only a small number of these are on my HD. Here you will find all my tales, the older ones, the most recent, as well as all the ones I still have to write...
This site will also include a very large collection of medieval poetry: Carmina Burana in Latin, French songs of troubadours and trouviers, Minnesangers and Catalan songs, all these in the original language and, if possible, with the Italian, English and French translations to allow all readers to get to know and appreciate the beauty and musicality of a Poetic Era which has been unique in human history...

Every story is accompanied by a picture by Boris Vallejo (or other artist) and a midi file, if you want to listen to the music it is necessary to download the DLLs from the web site of Not more in Net "Crescendo" and put these in the plugin's DIR of Netscape. You will be able to listen to the music with the aid of this very cute gadget...
I would like to create a multimedial web site with large graphics, but not too many java frames, as not all browsers can read them. The pages will have plenty of pictures and images, but it will not be overdone...
On this page there is also a special jukebox, to activate it click on the opening picture of "Sir Galahad and his Angel", the main jukebox (dukebox for [Jukebox] a joke with my nickname) contains all the midi files on this site, you can "take" it with you and listen to the music while surfing on the web.
A special thank to the Norwegian composer Tom Kristoffersen, who has allowed me to use his wonderful music for my stories, and to Curtis Clark for the midi files of medieval and renaissance music. You will find much more on his large and beautiful web site dedicated to early music and which is constantly updated. I invite you all to visit it!

Important advice: every story in the narrative section (the first door) contains a picture by Boris Vallejo, if you find his works indecent or offending, don't even consider entering.
On Geocities all pictures by Vallejo on my web site were deleted because they were considered "indecent". I think that Art can never be indecent: the fantasy art is judged indecent today, as in the past the works by Raffaello, Michelangelo and other artists were judged indecent and offending... in the 16th century Michelangelo's frescos in the Sixtine Chapel were considered indecent and nudity was hidden by "mutandari" with ridiculous pants! Today the net is full of sites with pornographic photographs, but Vallejo on Geocities is considered indecent... I give you this warning: in my narrative section every page has a picture by Vallejo, if your Laws, Religion, Ethics or others reasons forbid you to see fantasy art, PLEASE don't enter the first door, but choose the second one and visit the medieval section.

Well! now it's time to enter Duke Lucifer's World... a world made of dreams and illusions, unrealized hopes... a world of poetry and music, a world of wonderful pictures but above all... a world of dreams! Enter my mind... enter my dreams... behind the first door there are my stories... behind the second door my collection of medieval poetry... Welcome! };-)>

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